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With the approval of China Ministry of Education, Fuzhou University Zhicheng Collegehereafter referred to as FUZCwas founded jointly by Fuzhou University (one of the key “Project 211” universities in China) and Fuzhou University Asset Management Co. in July, 2003. As an independent college, FUZC is financed by non-state fiscal funds and offers full-time undergraduate programmes. FUZC is located on the old campus of Fuzhou University (Yishan Campus, 50 Yangqiao Xi Road, Fuzhou), in the beautiful setting of the Minjiang River.

Since its establishment, FUZC has won support from all walks of life and has been pursuing a bold and innovative approach to a new management mechanism as well as a new educational model. By exploiting fully educational resources from both Fuzhou University and the society, FUZC has been committed to the cultivation of personnel with practical skills in different fields to meet the urgent demands of the society. FUZC cherishes the values and spirit of Fuzhou University which have been shaped in the past decades: path-breaking entrepreneurship, rigorous scholarship and dedicated commitment; and follows the college motto “In pursuit of Virtue and Learning, Aiming for Excellence.”

  FUZC Structure Administration

Congress of College Affairs, College CCP Committee, Academic Committee, Teaching Advisory Committee, Administration Office, CCP Committee Office, Finance Office,Teaching Affairs Office,Student Affairs Office,Human Resources Office,Admissions and Careers Advisory Office,Research Management Office,International Corporation and Training Office.

  Departments

Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Environmental and Resources Engineering, Department of Bioengineering,  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering,Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Architecture, Department of Enterprise Management, Department of Government Management,Department of Social Affairs Management, Department of Logistics Management, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Music,Teaching Section of Physical Education.

  Majors offered

Electrical Engineering and Automation, Information Engineering, Communication Engineering,Electronics science and Technology,Micro-electronics,Environmental Engineering,Environmental Resources and Management of Urban and Rural Planning,Bioengineering,Mechanical Design and Manufacture and Automation,Materials Science & Engineering,Computer Science and Technology,Process Equipment and Control Engineering,Applied Chemistry,Chemical Engineering and Technology,Civil Engineering,Software Engineering,Architecture,International Economy and Trade,Financial Management,Administrative Management,Information Management and Information System,Logistics Management,Chinese Language and Literature,Music,English,Japanese,Safety Engineering, Food Science and Engineering,Biotechnology, Material Formation and Control Engineering, Network Engineering, Project Management.

  Teaching Staff

FUZC adopts a cooperative school-running model, the teaching staff in different departments are all from related faculties of Fuzhou University. Renowned adjunct professors are employed to teacher at FUZC. Currently, FUZC has a teaching staff of over 1000 full-time and part-time teachers, among which there are  127 professors and 261 associate professors.

  University Scale

So far, six batches of students have graduated from FUZC, and the employment rate reaches 95%. Currently, FUZC has a student body of over 10000. The enrollment for 2012 will be about 3300 students.

Upon completion of their specified studies, students receive diplomas from FUZC, which are computer registered by China Ministry of Education. Students who meet the requirements of academic degrees will be awarded certificates of degree.

  Facilities

In the recent years, FUZC has made great investment to improve the facilities for a better learning environment.

  Classrooms:

Classroom buildings have a capacity of holding 10,000 students simultaneously, classrooms are all equipped with multi-media facilities, most with air-conditioners. 

  Laboratories

Laboratories and Training Centers in FUZC cover a floor space of 20000 sq.m, including: FUZC-China Hewlett-Packard Information Technology Training Centre, FUZC-UK Manchester Metropolitan University Language Training Centre, College Physics Experiment Centre, Electronics Technology Lab, Electrical Technology Lab, Mechanical & Electrical Technology Lab and laboratories for different majors as well as a Student Innovation Centre. Besides, there are also over 50 training and practice bases outside FUZC campus.

  Library

FUZC shares the library resources with Fuzhou University, but has a library of its own with rich resources.

FUZC also boasts modern physical education facilities and fitness facilities on campus, well-managed dining rooms and student dormitories, as well as conference facilities.

  Innovative Management Mechanism 

The guiding principle for FUZC is “establishing brand with academic excellence and seeking sustainable development with innovation.”

  Teaching Management

FUZC aims at cultivating personnel with solid foundation and good command of practical knowledge and places great emphasis on a strong student experience. Reforms are being carried out to shape the credit system, with priority of enhancing classroom teaching effectiveness. Meanwhile, FUZC Postgraduate Training Center has been set up to train more candidate students for postgraduate programmes of various national universities. A Vocational Training Centre and a Vocational Skills Testing Center have also been set up to help students to acquire practical skills certificates so that they are more adaptable to the needs of the society.

  International Cooperation and Exchanges

FUZC gives priority to international cooperation and exchanges in science, technology and culture. FUZC employs foreign academics from renowned universities of the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and some other countries. FUZC encourages and helps students to pursue advanced study abroad, and it has student exchange programmes with sister universities and colleges abroad. FUZC explores multiple open models of university education in order to cultivate internationally competitive and innovative personnel.

  Student Support Services

To enable students to apply their youthful energy and refine their characters, FUZC enriches students’ extra-curriculum activities by providing a wide range of resources and facilities including Art Centre, the Gymnasium, Reading Centre, and Innovative Activity Centre.

  Rear Services

Under the leadership of the provincial government, the provincial education commission, FUZC has a strong commitment to improve its education and management quality with its own characteristics, seek development with a broader outlook, and extend the range of academic provision for the students of tomorrow.